Our product: (2 1/2" x 3") matte finish "Mobile Magazine". The background image is a painting from a local artist we just love JordynFishman.com .

We are a culture and arts directional portal. Where by one can access and bypass the normal gatekeepers to drill down to specific information via a single QR Code.

Top Left QR Code drives you to our "digital guidance system" which is the first third of this page up above, it offers you a simple one scan to all of the core QR codes.

Top right we have our core culture channels: ART, FOOD, MUSIC, and STYLE. These drive you internally to the specific information you want now.

Bottom QR Cluster: This section gives the user info about FREE things, MOVE or transit, SERVICE, should you need something like dry cleaning or auto repair, and an EVENTS QR code delivering daily local events.

Welcome to Very Ann Arbor, a digital playground where art, culture, and access connect to deliver new experiences. Our team works hard every day to provide access to current, cool, and curated info about our city.

We are a small media company delivering easily accessible media and local resources, for our residents and visitors alike. We do this through our weekly radio show on AM 690 WNZK, along with a digital guidance system. or what we call the "Mobile Magazine".

Truth be told, local media has slowly been bought up, then eroded overtime and then regionalized. Information distributors, run by big advertising and corporations that manipulate the truth, or just exclude it from the daily "local" news. The big regional messages you receive are either incomplete, not relevant, paid for, and ignore important local info.

These trends to achieve media efficiency have left us with a huge gap nationally and globally for a revival for ultra local media, to know and communicate with the people closest and which mean the most to us.

This is why and how our story begins and flourishes, we as intelligent humans see what has been happening, yet we keep consuming propaganda like info through existing regular media. When's the last time you heard the truth about insurance companies from regional media? Hardly ever, and the reason is simple. Just watch and count the ads on TV and what is in the news.

Very Ann Arbor Radio "Let Us Breath" 6/12/2020

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The flipside of our "Mobile Magazine"

Top left QR code which takes you our digital guidance system and offers all the access to the QR codes and more.

Left QR cluster: Here we breakdown the city into quadrants which you can scan to go to specific areas of the city. i.e. Kerrytown, Downtown, South-U, and Subrurban Rim.

Right Bottom QR cluster: Here we offer a place to access our past radio shows and TV shows from the watch and listen QR scans. Also, here we have a sector called daily deals. Here one can see and access daily deals from local places. Ads are $25 each.

Top Right QR Cluster: Access our social media. The Today QR code takes you to local daily news.

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